Mondavio: one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Welcome to one of the most authentic representation in the Marche region of the Italian Renaissance, welcome to one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, orange flag since 2003. welcome to Mondavio.

*Orange flag: The Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag in Italian) is a recognition of quality awarded by the Touring Club Italiano to small towns (population 15,000 or less) in Italy for excellency in tourism, hospitality and the environment.



The village is located about 20 km from the sea, up to 280meterss on a hill surrounded by two rivers Metauro and Cesano. Mondavio was “that” school trip considered a Must from most of the elementary schools near the province. My faded memory reminded me positive feelings of that trip so I’ve decided to explore this village one more time.

Mondavio: one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

A bit of history

The origins of Mondavio date back to the period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Some historians say that the village was born because of the agglomerations of people who came from the Suasa city destroyed by the Goths who settled down on the surrounding hills, including Mondavio.

On the other hand, others attribute the origins of Mondavio to San Francesco, which was commissioned by Ricci’s family to build a convent on the top of the hill.

Rocca Roveresca

Rocca Roveresca

One of the main places of attraction here in Mondavio is the Rocca Roveresca.
The fortress of Mondavio was one of the most important projects created by Francesco di Giorgio Martini Sienese artist-engineer commissioned by Giovanni della Rovere. The project, which probably dates back to 1482-1492, remained unfinished due to the return of the artist to Siena, this city also saw his death in 1501.

Subsequently the fortress went to the State of the Church and was transformed into a pontifical prison.

Today the Fortress of Mondavio is a large and imposing defensive structure with suggestive architecture and fascinating complexity.

It was defined as a real war machine, since every space and shape of the fortress, was dedicated to some specific war activities. The interiors of the structure represent interesting exhibition and museum spaces equipped with ancient collections of artillery armor and various war instruments.

The fortress of Mondavio

In harmonious contrast to the beauty of the Rocca Roveresca, I invite you instead to discover the small and pleasant details in the streets of the village. You will find those details that only the Marche villages offer, that warmth, that history, that unconditional and timeless beauty.

Street of Mondavio


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